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Woman Artists: Berthe Morisot (1841-1895)


Toni Morrison, age 18, with high school classmates.

Believer editors Sheila Heti and Heidi Julavits, and Believer regular Leanne Shapton, are working on a book together titled Women in Clothes, about women’s relationship to style and why women wear what they wear. Contributors include Miranda July, Zadie Smith, Eileen Myles and others. If you would like to contribute by filling out a survey (the book is being built up from these surveys) please visit this website. You needn’t care about clothes, or be a writer, or consider yourself fashionable, or even think about these things often, to contribute. 

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Le livre d’heures de la reine Anne de Bretagne, facsimile edition, 1861. Bound in full red morocco, edges stained red and stamped in gilt fleurs-de-lis, decorated claps.

Typ 815.15.262

Houghton Library, Harvard University

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today i:

  • wrote 2000 words on femme identity in an email to joy
  • opened and subsequently immediately closed my art history notes seven times
  • watched an hour-long lecture on a topic totally unrelated to any of my current classes
  • contemplated doing some christmas shopping; decided against it

guess it must be finals week

I can easily imagine Signac scoffing at Matisse’s timidity, his relative heliophobia, saying to the younger man: “Your desire draws you to the sun, as the left half of the picture and the slight disequilibrium it produces show-so why not leave the kimono in its proper place,
in an interior scene, and why not extol natural light, without resorting to these studio tricks? Why come to Saint-Tropez to paint this intimiste scene? I know the sun can’t be painted (as Delacroix said), but I have a method whose main goal is to transcribe its brilliance, a code that allows you not to copy it, since that’s impossible, but to generate it. You should try it. But you’ll have to give up this consistency of local tone you still rely on, and these veiled contrasts you have such a liking for.”
actual peer-reviewed art history fanfiction, brought to you be yve-alain bois, esteemed scholar and former student of roland barthes
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oh god why does every opportunity i have to be photographed by professionals go so awry

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Lez Get Dressed For Work: Everlane Makes Summer Dreams Come True

Because you deserve to be the best dressed homo in the office. Read previous posts here.

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